Limited low-interest financing

Get solar for your home starting as low as $55 per month.

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How Much Can You Save?

As the cost of energy continues to rise, so will the amount on your monthly bill. "Lock-in" your energy rate and begin saving with solar from day one.

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Zero Down, Zero Payments

Whether you buy or lease your system, we will help you choose the best financing option. Together with tax credits and incentives, you’ll save even more.


Most Efficient, Most Reliable.

SunPower® solar panels use more sun than conventional solar panels, which means they generate more electricity per panel, and we use less roof space to produce the energy you need.

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Be Prepared for the Next Power Outage.

Hudson Solar’s emergency battery back up systems can keep your power on and give you peace of mind during an outage.

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Solar Systems

Our high-efficiency panels make the most of available sunlight, taking up less space but creating more energy for your home and a higher return on your investment.


Questions About Solar?

There are plenty of great reasons to switch to solar power—and doing it is easier than you might expect. Your solar system can do more than just power your home.

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Free Energy Evaluation

We offer free energy evaluations for homes and businesses. When we visit, we can discuss all your options, find the right system for you, and answer any questions.

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